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Things you need to know

The jewelry supplies world is very competitive. Numerous competitors, endless variety and tons of information. And yet, ZDP offers value unlike any other. We feel that we need to share some information with you in order to better explain our small company. 

Customers are everything

Whether on ETSY.com, eBay.com or any other selling platform, We do all we can in order to make sure our customers are satisfied. We've gathered enough experience - on both customer service and quality assurance - in order to make sure we can supply our customers' needs. Our ETSY shop reviews, on our eBay store reviews, on our Livemaster store 

we work very hard on making sure that our customers are happy, and we're very thankful for the chance to work with any jeweler, big or small. 



Made in Israel

Almost all the the items we provide are made in Israel. Stamped in Israel, soldered and welded, casted and plated in Israel. 
We do not import cheap pieces from other locations, where prices might be lower, however quality is questionable at best.
We do have one supplier for raw materials, Located in Germany, with an undisputed reputation and experience
Another supplier is Swarovski, which needs no intruduction.

Each piece provided has been examined and checked by us in person. We do not believe in making shortcuts. 




Soldering Professionals

Soldering is an art. If you've tried it yourself, or purchased an item that broke after one use, you know what we mean.
We use Silver soldering paste in order to get the strongest welding point possible.
It's strong, it's clean, and it's how jewelry should be made.

This technique is used for making earring bases, ring blanks, pendant settings and any other piece we're required to make.
And not just when working with silver - We solder with silver even when working with Brass, pewter or Stainless steel. 




Quality Materials 

As far as materials go, we will always deliver the items as advertised.
We would never risk offering something else other than what is advertised. Our reputation depends on that. 
Rest assured - our 925 Sterling silver is actual Sterling silver, Gold filled is real Gold filled and Gold is real Gold.
Same goes for our plated pieces - we use 14k gold for yellow and rose gold plating, and silver for silver plated items. Not gold tone, not silver tone.




We meet all US and EU requirements

Our products meet the strict requirements of the US and EU regulators, and are Nickel free, Lead free and Cadmium free.
The only exceptions on these are the Matte Gold and Gunmetal plated products (less than 0.5% of our collection), which contain nickel and while allowed for use in the US, do not meet the EU requirements.




Swarovski original crystal only - at great prices!

Our Swarvoski crystal are origian and genuine Swarovski made. Our supplies comes directly from Swarovski®  or Swarovski official distibuters. The low price we offer is due to the fact we're purchasing large stocks from our suppliers here in Israel, which were purchased from Swarovski long ago.  
If there's any specific crystal you're looking for and cannot locate, please let us know and we will do our best to deliver. 




Paypal verified sellers

ZDP Findings is a verified seller by PayPal. Your purchase is protected By PayPal, one of the world's largest Internet payment companies.
Paypal is able to accept payments either by credit card or by PayPal accounts. No need to register.  


undisputed reputation and experience