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Coupons and sales

Terms of use and policy:

Coupons codes are usually given as credit, a special offer for wholesalers, resellers and for repeating customers as a gratitude for their business. Our coupons will seldom apply to our entire store, so please go over the requirements when using them. Also, please make sure to check your coupon expiration date. If you're interested in getting news about our coupons and sales, please sign up to our newsletter!


1. What is your Customer Loyalty Program?:
 - get cash back on your actions on our website! more information here.

2. How do I use the coupon code?:
 - Coupon codes are to be used on the checkout process. please copy or type in the coupon code when checking out and before you proceed to payment on PayPal. 

3. Can I use a coupon more than once?
 - Coupons are usually good for one use, unless mentioned otherwise. 

4. Can I use more than one coupon for a single purchase?
- Coupons can't be combined. 

5. Do you offer a global coupon? 
- Rarely. Our general prices are very competitive right from the start. We don't believe in offering high prices just to offer a discount on them. We usually use coupons for specific categories or items. 

6. Do you currently have any sales? 
 - Sign up for a newsletter below to stay updated! 

If you have any question, please contact us through the contact page or at [email protected]