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Welcome to ZDP Reward plan!

Hey ZDP Partners,

We’re more than happy to reward activites made here at www.zdp-findings.com! Below you'll find details regarding the Customer Loyalty Program.
Get points to be used as money when checking out, simply by purchasing in our store or activity on our social.  

How to earn Reward Points?

Find your way to collect points and spend them when checking out!

Points are being rewarded according to the following actions:

Earning Rule

Points Earned

Each $20 spent in ZDP store

10 points

Like on Facebook

Newsletter signup

Purchase more than $99  

Sign in to our store

20 points

50 points

20 points

10 points


How to spend Reward Points?

Spending your Rewards is easy! Points can be spent on any order during checkout. All your points will be converted to US Dollars on checkout when you choose to use them:

10 points = $1.

Points are valid to use for 60 days once payment has been made. 

More rewards coming soon - Facebook post, Facebook Review, Referral program, Picture tags and many more options.

Sign up to our Newsletter, earn 50 points and we will update you on your new choices at ZDP.